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Phone gap is an open source mobile development framework. The key advantage of phone gap is that it supports 7 different mobile platforms such as Ios, Android, Windows, Blackberry, WebOS, Symbian and Bada. Mobile development has become very popular nowadays. However, it would be practically difficult to create a mobile app for various mobile OS like android or iOS, as every OS require different languages as well as framework. Here is where Phone gap comes to your help. Phone gap uses standards-based web technologies to link web applications and mobile devices. With phone gap the pain of creating the same app for various platforms has reduced considerably.

  • How Phone gap functions?

    • With PhoneGap that is based on HTML5, you need to build the mobile app just once based on the Web standards.
    • You can wrap the app with PhoneGap which means that you can use native API’s.
    • Finally, you can deploy the app to various platforms.
  • What can you do with Phone gap?

    • Benefit from HTML5 and CSS.
    • Make use of JavaScript to write your code.
    • Use integrated features.
    • Install your app to multiple platforms.
    • Make use of PhoneGap builds.
    • Include PhoneGap plug-ins to your project.
    • Use the various supported tools.
    • Get support and help from the community.

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