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This section covers registration, appointment, OPD Billing, patient demographic data and directory for hospital employee.

When a patient is registered with hospital for the first time, a unique patient registration no. is generated. Now this unique number will be used to retrieve OPD/IPD patient’s complete medical records like billing, demographic data and patient history.

Features of this module –

  • Capture patient’s demographic details with photograph.
  • Enable normal registration/ emergency registration/ bulk registration.
  • Capture details on patient’s dependents.
  • Generate patient medical files for effective tracking.
  • Mark patient files as active / inactive.
  • Exhaustive patient search for registered patients.
  • Registration label print.
  • Registration details print.
  • Outpatient number, inpatient number are generated.

This module is used to book prior appointment before a visit to hospital. For your next visit, your doctor’s secretary or the registration office will issue an appointment slip which would describe the next appointment details.

Features of this module –

  • Create schedule of doctor
  • Schedule against days and time slot
  • Multi location scheduling
  • Edit schedule
  • Give appointment according to doctors availability and time slot
  • Give appointment to old and new patient
  • Schedule for future months
  • Check list of doctor
  • Multi-location appointment
  • List of all appointments
  • Cancellation of appointment
  • Rescheduling appointment
  • Finalizing appointment
  • Registration of patient who had appointment
  • OPD billing of patient from appointment
  • Unavailability of doctor
  • Automatic cancellation of appointment in case of doctor’s unavailability
  • Flexible report of appointment
  • SMS to patient when appointment is done
  • SMS to doctor when appointment is made for him/her
  • SMS alert to doctors and patients before appointment time
  • SMS alert to patient on cancellation

This module is used to view/update patient’s demographic data. One can search a patient through his/her unique patient registration number.

OPD Billing
After registration you will be directed towards the concerned doctor. The Doctor will then review the medical reports and may ask you to undergo for further diagnostic evaluation/ investigation.

You may also be referred to other doctors for cross consultation.

Features of this module:

  • Services for Billing
  • Consultation
  • Pathology Lab
  • Radiology Lab
  • Respiratory lab
  • Non Invasive Lab
  • Cath Lab
  • Procedure
  • Other Charges
  • Miscellaneous
  • Packages
  • Cash/credit/company billing
  • Service wise discount
  • Discount on total
  • Discount against designation for company payment
  • Invoice generation for outstanding bills and receiving the amount
  • Outstanding old bills receiving option
  • General OPD billing
  • Unregistered OPD billing
  • Reprint of receipt in duplicate format
  • Reprint of hard copy prescription
  • OPD due billing
  • OPD due receiving
  • Receipt cancellation
  • Payment refund option
  • Option of discount against membership card
  • Performa for OPD billing
  • Single window service select option
  • Service change option on run time for package

This module is used to have complete record of hospital employee, their address, telephone number, email address, mobile no. etc. In case of a doctor – What is the specialty? It maintains the record department and category wise etc. One can search a person by name, contact number, personal number etc.

We can also send email/SMS to an employee.