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HIMS solution based on prevailing standards will help in increase bottom line with proper control. Material management is another pitfall area of financial implication in the hospital where 30 to 40 per cent of total expenditure spends on materials management (procuring and maintaining inventory-carrying cost, etc). One percent saving in the expenditure will add revenue to top line.

GlivyTech’s Materials Management Information System is an advanced application software solution for automated replenishment, requisitioning, procurement, receipt, distribution, and charge capture of supply inventory control in a healthcare facility. GlivyTech’s Materials Management System provides comprehensive support for operational needs of hospitals, surgery centers, clinics and integrated healthcare networks. Each implementation begins with a detailed operational assessment.

Our Materials Management System is process-oriented. It integrates easily with other software products, and is built on open standards. Our Materials Management System offers flexible report generation capabilities as well as user-defined and ad hoc reporting capabilities. It also provides robust bar code and radio frequency capability for transformational improvement in support of supply chain processes such as equipment tracking, product tracking, receiving and continuous replenishment of products in multiple units of measure.

Benefits of EHR software:

  • Supply visibility and tracking

    • Reduce the incidence and costs associated with rush deliveries and emergency ordering.
    • Efficient and timely movement of supplies throughout the healthcare supply chain.
    • Reduction of inventory and increased inventory turns.
    • Notification of item utilization throughout the facility.
    • Paperless supply order and restocking process.
    • Automated receiving.
  • Accurate capture of data and cost information

    • Scanning technology facilitates ease of data capture while ensuring accuracy.
    • Cross-reference of items.
    • User-defined cost centers.
    • Answers for “who, what, when, and where” associated with the receipt, movement and consumption of each supply item.
    • Tracks the receipt and movement for equipment and fixed assets.
  • Improved patient care

    • Fast and easy to use.
    • Eliminate redundant tasks.
    • Significantly reduces manual data entry
  • Management reporting and notification procedures

    • Vendor and contract compliance reporting.
    • Ad-hoc reporting easily accomplished using a variety of delivery mediums (Desktop, PDAs, Web-based, and hard copy).