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This module is used to manage pathology lab. Interfacing with lab instruments can be done with our software, and therefore data is automatically entered into the software and no human error can occur.


  • Test/parameter creation
  • Parameter edit
  • Test template creation
  • Create kit
  • External lab creation
  • Create sample option
  • Edit sample


  • Creating test request (IP patient) in ward
  • Emergency request (IP patient) in ward
  • Special request (IP patient) in ward
  • Sample collection of OPD patient in lab
  • Search patient
  • Filter OPD and IPD patient.
  • Enter sample date and time
  • Date wise filter in request for entering result
  • Entering test result
  • Print blank request
  • Entering lab no.
  • Referring to external lab
  • Sample barcode
  • Entering result through interpretation
  • Directly printing without approval
  • Approving result
  • Rerunning test
  • Analysis of test result
  • Printing report
  • Exporting report to PDF
  • Graphical data representation
  • Editing report
  • Reviewing patient billing details
  • Cancel patient test request
  • Discharge intimation approval
  • Entering external lab report
  • Entering parameter, upper and lower range
  • Linking with kit


  • Creating request for IP Patient
  • Creating special request for IP patient
  • Creating emergency request for IP patient
  • Filter OPD and IPD in request for entering result
  • Date wise filter in request for entering result
  • Entering lab no.
  • Entering findings
  • Entering findings through template
  • Advance text editing feature while generating report
  • Option to select reporting doctor
  • Option to select technician
  • Bar code in result entering
  • Approving result before printing
  • Disapproving/re-run of test
  • Print report (approved report)
  • Option to reprint report
  • Report dispatch to patient party
  • Editing report after approving
  • Cancel patient test request
  • Cancel patient test request after approving
  • Approval of discharge intimation


  • Uploading DICOM image to patient’s history
  • Viewing DICOM image of patient
  • Editing DICOM image
  • Uploading X-ray film to patient history
  • Viewing X-ray image of patient
  • Plug-in HL-7