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Currently, 87% of the world population uses a mobile phone and more than a billion people use smartphones. The Android operating system (OS) holds a 70% market share for smartphones and tablets globally with more than 700,000 applications built on the platform.

Android gives you a world-class platform for creating apps and games for Android users everywhere, as well as an open marketplace for distributing to them instantly.
GlivyTech’s Android offerings:

  • Enterprise Mobile Application

    • Mobile applications in the business sphere are the future. Decision makers now see that these tools increase productivity, reduce paperwork, and increase revenue in ways other devices simply cannot. GlivyTech has an extensive experience working with high profile clients to develop Android applications that simplify operations, streamline processes and increase revenues.
  • Software development kits

    • SDKs form the base for development of applications on the Android platform. We have helped many Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) create SDKs on Android to aid their application development on the Android platform.
  • B2C applications

    • The B2C category is currently a leading category of applications in terms of downloads and usage. GlivyTech has created applications in this space that have garnered appreciation for its clients.
  • Mobile gaming

    • Mobile gaming is fast catching up with users looking for more innovative games that can keep them engaged and entertained. GlivyTech has expertise in coming up with creative ideas for new Android games based on client requirements. With an expert team, we have a hands-on experience in enriching your experience and providing the user with maximum entertainment.
  • Mobile video streaming

    • GlivyTech has established itself as a reliable player in the niche mobile video streaming space and has developed Android video streaming applications for a number of clients. Our clients are spread across verticals including media and entertainment, education, social media networking and direct consumer applications. We design, build, deploy and maintain applications that are stable and reliable and could work even on slow internet connections.